Plan Standard


Plan Standard


With our social media management reach more potential customers and grow your business

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Suiche Creativo epecializes in building and managing social campaigns that create a strong online presence for our clients. There is a method to execute this successfully and if done wrong, it can actually have a negative impact on your business.

We are continuously updating our knowledge base as technology is constantly changing. We know how overwhelming the whole idea of Internet Marketing can be, and how time consuming it is to build a social base.

Our company specializes in cultivating the relationship of small to mid-sized businesses and their Internet presence and brand recognition

It is the plan if you are a small business or start up with the aim of growing and making your brand known through social networks. We take care of transmitting your dreams and ideas to your target audience.

Our Standard plan includes:

  • 1 Social Network: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok
  • Segmentation with guidelines on Facebook or Instagram adds  (Does not include value of the guideline)
  • 3 Weekly Posts: Mon-Wed-Fri
  • 3 Weekly Stories: Mon-Wed-Fri
  • Daily increase of REAL Followers
  • Response to comments and questions
  • 12 Monthly Posts
  • 12 Monthly Stories
  • 24 Publications in Total per Month

Proper social media management is not an option for modern businesses: it is a must. With millions of active users each month, the creation of content on your social networks should be one of the priorities of your digital marketing strategy.

If you do not have a community manager who properly manages your social networks, you will lose hundreds of potential customers every month.

Being on social networks is not an easy task: you need time to understand how your audience behaves, what their preferences are and what steps you need to take to make them fall in love with you your company.

Luckily you have us, we are experts in managing social networks, and we are ready to help you. You just have to click.


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